Politico noted today that Apple has begun to make overtures to law makers on Capitol Hill in connection with the release of the Apple Watch and new iPhone 6.  The basis of such outreach is rooted in concerns over the soon-to-be-mass collection of user health data via the Apple Watch.  The Apple Watch will be capable of recording such metrics as heartbeats and steps taken -- and of course more data as developers begin releasing new apps for the device.  

Politico notes that such outreach is relatively new, an innovation (if we may call it that) of Tim Cook's leadership. As much as it may be disappointing that innovative companies need to worry about regulators, its heartening to see that CEO Cook is out in front of the politics as there will undoubtedly be privacy and cybersecurity legal issues connected with the device.  The reality of technology companies today is that they need to be involved with the law makers who will set the tone for the regulatory environment they will face in the future.  It will be interesting to watch the developments between Congress and Apple concerning the Apple Watch. 

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